i never thought they'd be so amused
i like your tears and i will have them as tea

Warning: Porn. It should also be noted that this ficlet is written purely based on this clip. What’s said in it isn’t spoilers, nor anything to do with the actual film.

" ‘What have I to fear?’ you said," whispers Tony, fingers tangled in Loki’s long, long hair, tugging it back, pulling tightly, pulling painfully, but the god, his head is turned back as much as he’s allowed to, just so he can smile with that same fucking smug one of he does so well like he did that day.

"And you explained to me what the Avengers was," moans Loki, hands gripped tightly at the bar counter, gasping, being pushed further against the bar counter with every slap of the skin he hears and feels.

"Right, you should have seen the confused look on your face, how cute. Oh, I digress. And you say you had met them, didn’t you? Sweetheart, I was so jealous,” breathes Tony into Loki’s ear once he’s wrenched Loki backwards by the soft black strands, the exact same time he shoves himself into Loki, then a kiss for his ear (maybe that’ll make it less painful, but we know that’s a lie).

“Were you now?” giggles Loki, one hand reaching back, one leg raising onto the counter, and with that one hand, he pulls himself open wider, and Tony, you can hear his breath hitching further, you can hear him driving himself harder into Loki from the way their skin kissing resounds off the table top.

“Uh huh,” affirms Tony, halting all his movements because he can, and he just loves the response he gets out of Loki. “So what did I say next?”

“Something about getting a traction and giving me that one,” snarls Loki, teeth snapping against each other, wanting to wrap his hands around Tony’s neck just for stopping, and Tony slaps his free hand austerely against Loki’s arse because darling, you know I don’t like it when you don’t give me your full attention.

“I was paying attention,” Loki cries out sharply, not understanding why wet was biting at the corners of his eyes. “After you said exactly ‘But, let us do a headcount here. Your brother, the demigod-’ ”

“That, oh, your reaction was just so fucking precious when you heard your brother’s name.”

Shut up,” growls Loki, even if he knows who’s the one who has all the control here, “I’m the one talking here. You said ‘But, let us do a headcount here. Your brother, the demigod. A super soldier. A living legend who kinda lives up to the legend.’ Oh, and you started putting on those bracelets things- I can see you know, even if I look away. Magic, sweetie. You don’t let your defences down around an enemy- right around that point. Just whatever were they for?”

“Oh, you know, just thought that I should wear some jewellery since my boyfriend was there, no biggie,” jokes Tony, slipping himself out of Loki, then inching himself forward slowly, slowly, slowly, before he shoves Loki’s face by onto the counter, “Sarcasm gets you nowhere, sweetheart. You know what those bracelets do. You’ve seen it yourself.”

“…then you said ‘A man with breath-taking anger management issues.’ Oh, Anthony, you sure know how to make jests,” laughs Loki, because he thinks it’s funny how a god can be so weak under a mortal’s whims, and he doesn’t want to think about it, but he has, and. Some things just don’t change. “ ‘Both master assassins. And you, big fella-’ Was that supposed to be another jest then? Because I really didn’t find it funny. ‘-you’ve managed to piss off every single one of them.’ Didn’t mention yourself about yourself getting ‘pissed off’, did you, love?”

“Weeell… Let’s see if I can remember. Oh, right. I was just really sore that you had met all of them except for me,” muses Tony, because even geniuses can pretend not to remember, because a genius can choose to take their time to say anything when they’re driving their cock into a god. “But yes, yes. You did piss me off, and you still do, you always will. Oh, oh. I remember this one. You sorta winked at me, didn’t you? Saying that pissing us off was the plan. Now, let me help you with the next part. I did tell you it wasn’t a great plan, and look at where we are today.”

“Yes, look at where we are today. In your house, on the top of your bar, and I’m almost getting my brains fucked out by you. Life really doesn’t seem so dull anymore,” mewls Loki, clearly loving the way Tony’s hand in his hair had dropped to his neck, hand wrapping around there tightly, nails sinking in, Loki, he welcomes the way pain pierces through your skin before it starts to numb, he likes things like that. “Then you threatened me that they would come for me, didn’t you? What about yourself, Stark? Didn’t want to hurt poor ol’ me?”

“You know I’ll always come for you, babe,” sings Tony, because he thinks it’s funny to call Loki babe, because the people, they say that babe is best used for women (we all know that’s bullshit), he thinks it’s funny to call Loki babe because Loki, well, we all know the things he can turn into.

“Oh, of course you will. Because if you don’t, you know I’ll see to it myself,” purrs Loki, knowing the things he can do to Tony, knowing he can do everything to Tony, and he knows Tony knows from the way Tony slams into him, grunting his name, gripping his waist.

“ ‘I have an army,’ is what you said,” says Tony, liking how he can see that there are deep, long marks left on the counter top after he bothers to start angling his thrusts, after he starts to let himself want to bother about Loki’s certain needs.

“ ‘We have a Hulk,’ is what you said, but it wasn’t at all threatening, my dear. Not when he had ran off. But you knew that, didn’t you?” questions Loki, slamming his fist into the counter when Tony purposely stops hitting where it feels right. Loki’s head, it turns around just to glare at Tony, and he sees that smirk he wants to punch so much, but what he does is take Tony by surprise by snatching him down by the side of his hair for a spiteful lip against lip. “You knew that from the way you stuttered at the beginning of your next sentence.”

“To be fair, darling, you were missing the point.”

“We all like it a little dangerous sometimes, love. But you know that.”

“Do I?”

“ ‘There’s no throne,’ you told me. ‘There’s no version of this where you come out on top,’ you said. Well, maybe we should take a look at the events of last night, hmm?” snickers Loki against Tony’s lips, but that’s another tale for another time, because right now there’s only one person getting pummelled into the bar top, and we all know that story.

“ ‘Maybe your army comes, and maybe it’s too much for us, but it’s all on you,’ ” continues Loki, since it’s the right thing to do, and since they both know how the story goes, and since it’s Loki’s turn to tell the tale. “ ‘Because if we can’t protect the earth, you can be damn well sure we can avenge it.’ What a speech, Anthony. You had me quivering at my knees.”

“Aren’t you now?” remarks Tony, because Loki is quivering at his knees (standing on one foot while getting thoroughly fucked, it’s not easy to do), and Loki, he doesn’t (lies) like the way Tony makes his comebacks, so he bites on Tony’s bottom lip bitterly, and grumbles just a little bit.

“Then?” asks Tony, grinning even with his lip bit.

“Then,” smiles Loki, because they both know the story.

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